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The Application

July 25, 2011

After deciding on an adoption route (international) and an agency (Generations) and a program (Uganda), now it was time to fill out the application. This was definitely the most complicated step so far. You would think it wouldn’t be- I mean, it’s pretty straightfoward: Name, Address, Phone Number, Number of Years Married, etc., etc., on and on the questions go. Simple, right? Not so much.

We were cruising along until we reached the three pages of requested financial information. “What’s the big deal?” you wonder. “Go to your filing cabinet, get the statement copies you need and fill in the blanks. No sweat.” HA! I wish. First thing you need to know about me: I am the most disorganized woman I know. Second thing you need to know about me: I am a pack rat. Put together, this is a terrible combination, especially when you are trying to locate specific financial documents for an application. I have one, count it, one file in my file box labeled “Financial Stuff.” It contains everything from W-2’s to various insurance policies to bank statements to retirement account information and anything else you might imagine could fit under the heading “Financial Stuff.” Which, as it turns out, it a lot of stuff. And it is not sorted. At all. Just a jumble of different documents, different years, different financial institutions. What a mess.

As a result, this first step of filling out the application was, for us, a lesson in patience and endurance all by itself. As Tim and I are rifiling through a pile of documents, searching for the ones we need to fill in the blanks (and as I curse my own lack of organization and vow to completely redo my filing system… which I have not yet done… which is a totally separate blog post), we had to remind ourselves why we were doing this. Who it was for. What the end goal was. And that the newest Ganger is more than worth any difficulty, small or large, that we will face on this adoption road.

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