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The List

October 13, 2011

Our USCIS approval finally arrived in mid-May. It felt like it was never going to come in the mail. In fact, it took so long to receive our approval that I started getting concerned that some red flag had come back on our fingerprints or something. (I know, I know, that’s ridiculous. But these are the thoughts that run through my head when I face a longer-than-expected wait). Anyway, when it arrived, I was so excited, and I immediately contacted our caseworker at the adoption agency to let her know we had the approval in hand. I sent her a scanned copy by email, and boom. We were added to “the list,” at the number five spot.

“The List” is the list of the agency’s prospective adoptive parents who have turned in all the paperwork and fees necessary to receive a referral (a picture of and information on an adoptable child). When a family on the list receives and accepts a referral, the families below them on the list all move up a spot. From the very beginning, our casework had let us know that the time most families are on the list waiting for a referral is 3-6 months. Of course, I was hoping our wait would be toward the lower end, the 3 month mark, and so I set my sights on mid-August and settled in to wait.

Even though we expected this to be the longest wait of the entire process, it was a relief to get to this step. Before this, we were waiting for other organizations, people, or bureaucracies to give us different things we needed to proceed to the next step. It was difficult not to get frustrated with the systems or people who we felt were “holding us back” from moving on in our adoption process. (I do realize that it is silly to speak of someone/thing interfering with what is clearly God’s sovereign rule and plan over all things. I’m just sharing the struggles of my fallen, sinful heart). Now, at this step, we are waiting for a picture of a child who will become part of our family.  Somehow, that makes the wait easier for us. Not that there are not hard days. There certainly are. But we are so thankful to finally be at the step that will allow us to “meet “(if only in a photograph) our new child.

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  1. Granny permalink
    October 18, 2011 3:14 pm

    Wow, I just found this site. I’m so praying for you. Just a gentle reminder Our God, our Loving Heavenly Father, already knows the right time and child for our family… we shall wait patiently for His wise timing. Love and prayers, Granny


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