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Redeeming the wait: Fundraiser #2

November 3, 2011

With our first fundraiser under our belt, we turned our eyes to the next one. This one was actually been conceived by some dear friends of ours several months prior to it happening. When we first started the adoption process, these friends came to us and told us that they wanted to run a half-marathon for us, sending out sponsor letters to collect donations on our behalf. We were both stunned. Stunned not because this is unlike our friends- in fact, this is totally like them. They love adoption, currently fostering a precious baby girl they hope to adopt, and they love us, having proved that in a variety of ways over the course of our 5-year friendship.

We were stunned because this is so unlike us. Running is hard. Neither of us run. Ever. For any reason. We had a hard time fathoming CHOOSING to run 13.1 miles to raise money FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Crazy. But, that’s our friends. They are amazing. And they persisted. The wife-half of this couple got pregnant. “It’s ok. I’m still going to run; I’ll just take it easy.” Summer in Houston is 100 degrees and 99% humidity. “It’s ok. We’ll just fly to San Fransisco and run the half marathon there.” There were moments I even tried to talk them out of it, or at least point out their insanity: “You know San Fransisco has hills, right? Lots and lots of hills.” But they persevered. At the end of July, they left their son with us, left their foster daughter in respite care and flew to California to run the San Fransisco half marathon.

We prayed for them as they left, asking God to protect them and keep them safe while travelling and while running. I remember praying the morning of the race, asking God for His care and protection. And He answered! I was so excited to receive a picture message while sitting in Sunday service, of  two smiling, red-faced friends who had just finished their marathon. Not an EMS person, splint, bandage, or oxygen tank in sight. (These would all be absolute necessities at the finish line had I attempted to run a half marathon). Thanks be to God!  In addition, not being a runner myself, and knowing it would have easily taken me ALL. DAY. LONG. to run 13.1 miles, I was amazed not just that they had finished, but that they had finished before our a church service was out.  I had thought for sure I wouldn’t hear from them until afternoon naptime at the earliest. Absolutely incredible.

After the marathon was over, the donations started rolling in. They had sent out support letters, asking for sponsors by the mile or for a flat rate. In doing so, they raised over $900 for our adoption!! It seemed that every time we saw them for weeks afterward, they would hand us another check or wad of cash from sponsor after sponsor. Every time, we would just shake our heads and be amazed at how God was using perfect strangers, friends and family of friends, most of whom we had never met and will never meet, to provide for our adoption. We continue to be overwhelmed by God’s provision to help us bring the newest little Ganger home.

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