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Remember Uganda: Extra Steps

July 30, 2013

We are telling our adoption story by posting a series of emails that were sent while we were in Uganda in July & August of 2012. If you have made your way here because you are thinking about adopting from Uganda or are in the process, please know that the process is very different now than it was in 2012.

Sent July 30, 2012
Hey everyone,
We got our written ruling today!! Our attorney found a kind-hearted soul to issue it for us, and we have it in our possession!! Praise the Lord!

Upon reviewing the written ruling and the children’s passports, our attorney found that Naomi’s name on the passport did not match her name exactly as it is written on the ruling. This is a big no-no, as the embassy will not accept a written ruling and passport on which the names are mismatched. Soooo…. Naomi’s passport went back to the passport office to be corrected. Our attorney said that since it is a simple typographical error, it should be easily corrected, and we can pick it up from his office tomorrow. Please pray that this will be the case. There are also some forms we need from the orphanage that were supposed to be ready today but were not. We are supposed to get those tomorrow as well. Again, please pray this will be the case. If we are able to get these last few items tomorrow, our plan is to go to the embassy on Wednesday morning to request a visa interview. We went in today and were told there are indeed some appointments open for Wednesday afternoon, if we have all our paperwork in order.

Please pray we will get our corrected passport and orphanage forms tomorrow so that we can go to the embassy on Wednesday morning, with all of our paperwork ready and complete. Please pray we are able to get one of the open appointments on Wednesday afternoon and that our witnesses are able to get to the interview at that time on Wednesday. Most of all, please pray that we will continue to place our hope and trust in the Lord, not in all of these details and circumstances working out “just right.”

Thanks so much. Love y’all. Pass it on. 🙂

PS- Can you please also pray for our friend here, “L”? She has been here alone with her new son “E” for nearly two weeks, since her husband and bio kids had to return home. She has her visa interview tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 9am, which is 1am your time, so maybe just pray before you go to bed. 🙂 I know she is longing for her son’s visa to be granted so that her family can finally be reunited. Will you pray with us for that? Thanks so much.

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