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Remembering Uganda: Sad

August 8, 2013

We are telling our adoption story by posting a series of emails that were sent while we were in Uganda in July & August of 2012. If you have made your way here because you are thinking about adopting from Uganda or are in the process, please know that the process is very different now than it was in 2012.

Sent August 8, 2012

We found out this morning that “M” was not satisfied by the document that was found in our file and translated. So, Tim went to the embassy again today with our social worker to present more evidence and plead with him. He would not even see them. He spoke through an intermediary (the official Tim talked to yesterday who translated the overlooked document) and basically said even with everything presented, he was not convinved our kids fit the US law’s definition of abandonment and therefore cannot issue them visas. He will send our case to Nairobi for review.
Our hearts are broken. We have already cried buckets over this and will probably cry more. We took our slobbery, weepy, swollen eyes and runny noses before the throne just a little while ago and guess what? It turns out “the Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit” (Ps 34). We can feel His presence. We know that He is here, and we know that He has not forgotten us. We know that He has not changed. We know that His love and His care, His mercy and His grace are steadfast and immovable. We can feel it, and we are thankful we have Him to cling to in the midst of this storm.
There are a whole host of things we need you to pray for now, as we anticipate being here for another 4-6 weeks. I can’t even list them all here for you, as we are still processing and making to-do lists for ourselves. Just pray. God knows what we need. We’ll send another update soon, as we work out where we go from here.
Much love and many hugs to everyone. We could not do this without you supporting us and standing in the gap for us.

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