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Remembering Uganda: 6 Weeks

August 19, 2013

We are telling our adoption story by posting a series of emails that were sent while we were in Uganda in July & August of 2012. If you have made your way here because you are thinking about adopting from Uganda or are in the process, please know that the process is very different now than it was in 2012.

Sent August 19, 2012

We marked our 6th full week in country yesterday, and apparently Uganda wanted to celebrate that milestone by killing internet service for nearly a full 24 hours. Fitting, I think. We did get an email from our attorney before the internet “went dark,” and we wanted to share it with you. After reading our draft of the letter she asked us to write up and reviewing some more documents from our case, our attorney has decided she wants us to take a new approach to our case. She wants to help us make a case that our file was sent to Nairobi without good reason, causing unnecessary delays in our case. She thinks this may help us by-pass the pre-determined timeline that goes with having your file sent to Nairobi, if we can make a convincing argument that our file should not have been sent to Nairobi in the first place (which, according to our social workers and our attorneys, both in UG and the US, it should not have). So we went back to the drawing board, editing our letter to include more details that would help with this new approach. We sent it to her today, and we are hoping to hear from her later tonight or sometime in the wee hours of our morning to get the help we need to put the final draft together. She also instructed us to get a couple very important documents from our social worker “G,” to help us make our argument more convincing.

We are thankful for:
-This new approach that our attorney suggested seems to us to be truly inspired, and we are hopeful it will be effective in getting our case expedited.
-Tim was sick yesterday and last night with an awful stomachache. I was sure he had finally fallen to the stomach bug that got Eliza and Jude a couple weeks ago, and I was so tempted to be worried. I am thrilled to report that just 24 hours later he is completely fine, without ever having actually thrown up.

Please pray:
-that “G” (who was on vacation all last week) will be in the office tomorrow and able to get us the final things we need to send to Nairobi by the end of business tomorrow.
-that we will be able to get the final draft of this letter written and ready to send by the end of business tomorrow.
-that this new approach will indeed be effective and will be the tool God uses to get us home faster than anyone expects or thinks is possible
-Eliza and Jude continue to ask multiple times a day when we are going home. They are just so beyond done, done, done with being here. Please pray for their little hearts, that God would supernaturally bring peace and contentment to them.
Here’s another installment from my “What I’m thankful for” list. Enjoy.
Here are a few snapshots:
-We are unbelievably blessed to be surrounded at home by an army of family, the kind biologically related to us and the kind related to us by the blood of Jesus. This family has held us up during this time, praying for us and encouraging us. They have taken care of our dog, mowed our lawn, checked our mail, paid our bills, made airline arrangements for us, cleaned and reorganized our house, the list goes on and on. We could not be here doing this without them.

-We stayed at the orphanage where our kids lived for the first week we were here, and we got to have some great conversations with the staff there. One who stands out in our mind particularly is “F.” He is a young guy who is training to be a pastor, and he had a million questions for Tim and me about what it is like to be a pastor and pastor’s wife. He was so eager to learn, and we know God will use him for His kingdom. Please pray for him.

-God ordained that we be here (for 3.5 weeks) with some friends from Houston, the “W’s.” They adopted their son “E” from the same orphanage where Naomi and Nate lived, and it was truly a blessing and comfort to have familiar faces and friendship here in this place that is so foreign. They have been gone over two weeks now, and we miss them terribly, but we are so thankful for the time we got to spend here with them. It was truly a gift from the Lord.

-We connected with some Canadian missionaries who are here serving full time when we visited Kampala International Church. They invited us to their home to share a meal with them and their 7 children, age range 2-16 years. The time we spent in their home was refreshing, encouraging and just plain fun. They came to pick us up from our hotel so that we didn’t have to hire a driver, fed us dinner (including brownies, which we have not had since we left home, so it was a huge treat), let our kids run wild in their yard (which had a swing set- JOY OF JOYS for Eliza), encouraged us greatly with their knowledge and experience as adoptive parents themselves and their work with children from hard places and sent us home with a giant duffle bag full of new toys, books and movies so that our kiddos would have a new crop of things to have fun with.

-We had dinner with a family who planted a church here in Kampala with Acts 29 (the same church planting network our home church is a part of). They have four children, ages 7-18, and our kids had a blast running after all the big kids doing big kid stuff. Plus, the restaurant they suggested made a DELICIOUS hamburger, something we were told was impossible to find in Kampala and therefore have not had since leaving home. It was nice to just sit and talk with them, hear their story of how God saved them and called them to international church planting, brought them to Kampala and all God is doing here to build His church. Amazing.

-We had another adoptive family over to our hotel to swim (who we connected with through FB, gotta love FB) and we had a great time getting to know her and hear her story. She is a new mom who has been here for 11 weeks trying to adopt twin boys. Her husband went home after week 3, which means she has been here for 8 weeks by herself. She has hit every snag you can possibly think of, and her case is just now being sent to Nairobi, which means (presumably) she is here for another 4-6 weeks. Will you please pray for this woman, “E?” She loves Jesus, and He is truly sustaining her, which is amazing to see and I am so thankful for. Please pray God will continue to give her all she needs to trust Him in the midst of her trials and that He will miraculously intervene in her case and get her home faster than she expects.

After an emotionally exhausting and difficult week the week before last with all the visa denial stuff, it was so refreshing and uplifting that our week this past week was filled with so many fun times and the chance to fellowship with other believers. Tim and I have said several times this trip that we have never been so thankful for the universal church. We say all the time how thankful we are for the local church, but to connect with, be loved on and encouraged by the global church has been a unique experience for us and a huge blessing. We are so grateful.

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